Meeting held 16 September 2021

The first meeting of the Kingston Stamp Club in over 18 months was held at the Kingston Seniors Centre on 16 September 2021 with 20 members and one guest in attendance.

Bob Gardner, the President, welcomed the members to our re-opening meeting, and expressed his pleasure at being able to have meetings again. This sentiment was shared by all members present.

Bob Gardner explained that Ongwanada Resource Centre was not yet accepting rentals, and that the Executive had secured space at the Seniors Centre for a reasonable cost, albeit on Thursdays instead of Mondays. The KSC will continue to meet at the Seniors Centre for the remainder of the Fall with meeting dates: Thurs 14 and 28 October, 11 and 25 November, and 9 December from 6:30 to 8 pm.

Addendum. It was not possible to arrange a meeting for the end of September, and as a result a meeting has been scheduled for Thurs 7 October as well.

Bob Gardner explained the safety protocols and requirements for our meetings. Specifically:

  • Members will be advised of each meeting by the Secretary as requirements may change. Members are requested to advise the President or Secretary of their attendance in order to manage numbers.
  • Members will be required to sign in to the Seniors Centre for their contract tracing.
  • Members will sign in at the door to our meeting room (Sir John A&B) to ensure we do not surpass 25.
  • Starting at our next meeting, members will be required to provide proof of vaccination and identity in accordance with Public Health and Seniors Centre policy. The KSC must certify this after every meeting. Members will only have to do this once as we will maintain a list of those who have proven their vaccinations.

The President briefed the membership on the status of the Fall Festival for 23 October. Eight dealers have indicated that they will attend. The venue has been booked however it has not opened yet, and health protocols may limit numbers so we are uncertain at this time if the Festival will occur.

Throughout the evening the Treasurer, Jim Gould, collected membership dues ($20) for 2021-22, and he will continue to do so at future meetings.

This first meeting was organized as a Sales night - thanks Ted and Val. The members overwhelming expressed their desire for auctions as well. The Executive will look at how we can conduct auctions with the necessary safety protocols. The first Club auction is projected for 28 October.

While it was a short meeting, it was a good start to re-opening for the Club and everyone was pleased to be meeting again.

Paul Fleet